Colombia Important Notes

With many more people now travelling to Colombia we feel it is very important to give you valid reasons why you should be travelling with Zoothera.

First it has to be said that Colombia is now a safe and very interesting destination for birders. With now over 1900 species recorded it holds more than any other country in the world. However as with most country's there are still areas that may be risky or dangerous to visit and with this in mind it is essential that you travel with a highly respected local guide who is fully up to date with current issues and logistics making your tour completely trouble free.

Antioquia-WrenDiego Calderon is our local Zoothera Guide in Colombia and no-one in this wonderful country commands more respect than him. What we are asking you is to question why you would wish to book a tour with other companies who may claim they know Colombia but either do not live there or maybe only visit once or twice a year! It now seems every company is an expert! But in reality there are very few experts in Colombia with all being of Colombian origin and Diego being by far the very best.

Complaints we have heard about from people disappointed with their Colombia tour using other companies is that the vehicles have been in very poor state and cramped with clients, the food is dismal and extremely basic, hotels have been cheap and of a very poor quality, the local guides have strung species and falsly identified species out of their normal range just to boost a list, and even local guides that cut short their leading to go on other tours leaving you with an inferior guide, or worse sleeping in vehicles while the inferior guide tries his best to provide you with the target birds.

You may think we are being picky or unjustified in these comments but they are all from people and clients we know. Many wishing they had now booked with Zoothera.

From our side we have exclusive guiding by Colombia's best guide - Diego Calderon, we use the very best vehicles with professional drivers, our meals are all of the best quality available, varied and interesting and including a drink or two with each dinner. We have an amazing variety of snacks and both hot and cold drinks available all the time during the day. And very welcome too when returning to the vehicle after a several hours of birding! Our hotels are also the best available in each area we visit We have the experience of Diego to make our tours the very best and without doubt it is noted that ALL participants on our tours see just about all the birds available - something we pride ourselves on. We do not and will not move on just because one or two people have seen a species! We want everyone to see everything.

We concentrate on seeing the special birds of this superb country and as such we saw 696 species and an amazing 63 endemics on one of our last tours. See the fantastic trip report - HERE.

So if is really want the best bird focused tour to Colombia with smooth running logistics and an enviable tally of sought-after birds - many at secret sites known only by our guide, then get the most from your money and book with Zoothera. Please remember it is easy to pick cheap or pick wrong so hopefully some of the above notes can help you decide.

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